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Which is the best to submit to? The largest of all is Google with growing market share! It can take 6 months to get a site listing in Google - longer if you don't know how their algorithm works. The sites offering Free listings are fast disappearing so your money has to be well spent and not wasted.

Without paying the fee a non profit site may get into Yahoo within 3 months to 1 year. There are thousands of search engines and search portals available. Of these there are probably about 10 that provide 85% of Internet searches so most can be ignored. Some search engines are industry related so we would only submit to them if it was appropriate for your business. IGNORE any of the 'submit your site to 1000's of search engines for free' adds as they infrequently work and may get you banned from the search engines, some are a ploy to get your email address and offer you a paid for service that is better! Search engines do not like these multi submission sites and take steps to stop them from making submissions such as giving a false OK message! We offer tactical search engine registration - different industries require different strategies.

Web site registration with directories.
Just one little tip for you if you decide to enter the search engine web site registration yourself. Ignore the search engines until you are first listed on the directories. Why? It will improve your ranking with the search engines! There are lots of other little tips available but we want you to use us instead of attempting to do it yourself. Web site registration can take about 10-20 mins per search engine or directory and with some you need to register each page of your web site separately.

The don'ts of web site registration?
Never submit your site to any search engine more than once per month. And if you are submitting each page separately, never do this more than once per month. Directories will ban any person entering their web site registration into an unrelated regional category or submitting duplicate entries. Other search engines have removed people registering their site too often. Meta tag design is for some search engines the main factor in your ranking highly. The frequency and repetition of keywords is critical in your Meta tags. To illustrate, on 1 search engine we monitored in 2002 3 repetitions gave better listings, in 2003 2 repetitions worked more effectively with a maximum 7 word title, then in 2004 0 repetitions of keywords and lower keyword density were needed to achieve the same results. Those failing to update these factors saw a dramatic decrease in their web site traffic. In 2006 (things have changed again but we are not going to give away our research here.) There are quite a few don'ts so web site registration is best left to people who know what they are doing!

The Do's of web site registration? Only submit a web site for registration when it is completely finished. Some directories will not even consider a site that has a broken link or appears to be unfinished. We will check a site before it is registered with a search engine. Submitting your site in the week is better than doing it at the weekend as some search engine close down or ignore their web site registration submissions.

Make sure it works!
If a site is submitted to a search engine like Yahoo ® and it contains broken links or links that misdirect a person or the site is not finished they will refuse to list it. If you paid them £199 for express submission you have lost your money and may as well have set light to it. We check your site thoroughly before we submit it to the search engines to ensure that this does not happen to you.

How do we get a high ranking?
With fairy magic! We have taken hundreds of hours analysing the search engines and looking at the high ranking sites and we know what must be done to obtain a high listing for each of the major search engines. We do not divulge our secrets - if you want a high ranking site then you should come to us and ask us to be working for you. Strangely enough for many industries most people skip over the number 1 listing so it's best to be near to the top and certainly on the first page. We can advise on an existing web site or even re-design it for you to obtain a higher ranking. Another option is to design a stand alone site for you that is optimised for the search engines and then it will encourage visitors to go to your web site.

Why should you use us?
We have extensive knowledge of the search engines and we know how to exploit them for high search engine ranking. We will monitor your site each month and advise you of any changes necessary. Go to our prices for an offer you cannot refuse.
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